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Rubber Matting

Octomat / Link Mat

Octomat / Link Mat

Bolton Rubber supplies a wide range of rubber mats.

The right rubber matting will make sure you:

  • minimise accidents
  • reduce employee discomfort
  • create a safer working environment

Matting is very effective as it dramatically reduces the possiblity of costly accidents and production downtime.

Specialist needs catered for - contact us.

Cut down on cleaning costs - don't bring dirt into your building

  • Scrapes off and holds dirt that would normally be taken into your building
  • A wide range of materials and styles to make your entrance look impressive
  • Hard-wearing, cost-effective solution to make cleaning easier
Brush Step rubber mat

Brush Step

Slips and trips cost industry millions of pounds every year!

  • Injuries caused by slips and trips can cost you lost production, sick pay and compensation claims
  • Heavy duty mats will last years and large work areas can be covered quickly and cost effectively
Cushion Ease All-Purpose mat

Cushion Ease

Kumfi-Tile mat

Accidents on hard, slippery floors can cost you dearly

  • Use by poolsides or any wet areas where slippery floor slow down workers and create a slip-hazard
  • Lay on all types of floor to instantly improve workers comfort and efficiency
  • Ideal for shower rooms

Saftey Step mat
Safety Step

Boost productivity by reducing leg strain and tiredness

  • Hard flooring puts stress and strain on legs and back - which reduces productivity and profit
  • Lay on all types of floor to instantly improve workers comfort and efficiency

Sticky Step mat
Sticky Step

Keep sensitive work processes clean and reduce down time

  • Traps dirt, debris and dust
  • Prevent damage or interruption to work processes, which can cost money
  • Specially suitable for computer rooms, water treatment plants, laboratories etc.
Rib mat
Rib Mat

Protect floors from costly wear and tear

  • Heavy traffic areas soon suffer expensive damage
  • Slip-resistant surface makes thoroughfares safer
  • Low cost protection - tough and lightweight

Cushion Ease Grease Proof mat
Cushion Ease
Grease Proof

Kitchen areas can produce dangerous slippy floors

  • Kitchen floors need to be kept free from spillages
  • Matting keeps employees safe from costly accidents, provides a safer more comfortable working environment and reduces fatigue
  • Cuts down on breakages

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