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Bumpers for Dock and Commercial Vehicles,
Wheel Chocks, Hose Ramps, Mudflaps.

Commercial Vehicle Bumpers
So important are vehicles for almost every one of us; we need them to transport us to every destination we have to reach, give us the automotive satisfaction we need and something to sport and, well, brag about sometimes. We are, of course, also aware that each of these vehicles need protection and proper maintenance; hence, performance parts and accessories are available in the automotive market.

Wheel Chocks & Accessories
Wheel Chocks are a low cost, effective way of preventing unexpected movement of military tanks and vehicles, commercial vehicles ranging from buses to light vehicles, aircraft of all sizes and boats whilst either parked or being loaded/unloaded.

Dock Bumpers & Accessories
Molded Dock Bumpers of all sizes offer perfect protection for any traffic docking manouvers. Often molded bumpers are used for wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles.

Dock Bumper Plates, Shelters & Accessories
Dock Boards bridge the gap between the truck and the dock, allowing for the safe loading of trucks. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, or heavy duty steel for the heaviest loads. Capacities range from 6,000 to 40,000 lbs.

Hose Ramps
6 pieces x 2 feet long provide 12 feet of road coverage for up to 3" firehose - Position ramps at 30 diagonal across roadway so vehicles cross ramps one wheel at a time - 45,000 pound capacity per wheel - Clip assembly means no tools required - Each section weighs 15 pounds - Stackable space required: 24" x 18" x 16" high - Ramps conform to road surface.

Commercial Vehicle Mudflaps
Water Spray is dangerous on most heavy vehicles. The rubber flap mats are directly attached to the wheels arches on all cars and trucks. The main function is to reduce water spray and mud ejection from the wheels and to shield other cars from water and debris.

Made of one piece solid rubber for medium to heavy duty protection of walls, loading docks, and marinas. These are available with or without pre-drilled mounting holes for anchoring. Extruded bumpers may also be cut to fit in the field to custom fit your application.

Site Safety & Traffic Control
Ronfell designs and manufactures compliant rubber and steel safety barrier systems for verge and central reservation applications on highways, Off-road safety barriers, public control and construction sites, is also available for use in car parks, and for building and machinery protection. Ronfell barrier systems offer a range of working widths, classes to meet normal and high containment requirements in road designs.

Matting Sheets & Miscellaneous
We have a whole range of rubber and plastic products, not to mention one of the largest range of standard products in anti vibration mounts, rubber matting, rubber sheet and seals in Europe

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts
We supply rubber molded, and rubber to metal bonded parts for automotive industries and other industries. Regarding rubber products, we can produce rubber grommet, rubber bumper, rubber caps stopper, rubber seals and so on. (Div of Ronfell Group) All rights reserved. Terms & Conditions.

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