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Frame Gaskets

The business was established around the core of the corner moulding for windows and curtain wall market, specifically in silicone. Corner moulding in other elastomers such as neoprene and EPDM followed on later in response to market demand. Presses were custom manufactured for this process. It is true to say that corner moulding remains a core of the business to this day. We are currently working with frame gaskets with up to 16 corners.

As building regulation and occupier comfort demand higher levels of building insulation and air and water tightness.

Frames produced include:-

  • Tyre gaskets
  • Ladder gaskets
  • Trellis gaskets
  • Lattice gaskets
  • Frame gaskets
  • 'T' joints
  • Cruciform joints
  • Corner joints
  • Radius corners (Div of Ronfell Group) All rights reserved. Terms & Conditions.

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